We here at Pedal Party understand that next week people claiming to be your family will invade your home to eat your food and sleep on your couch. We strongly encourage to you employ Plan PP (Pedal Party) to keep everyone happy this holiday and make this family time a little more memorable.

Step One to this plan is to enjoy the lavish spread we all know you’ve been planning since you last saw everyone for Grandma’s birthday. We promise that this year you will not feel guilty about that second helping of mashed potatoes when you remember you will be pedaling to your favorite watering hole on Washington Avenue in the near future.

Step Two is as easy as pie: call Pedal Party. The sooner you plan this exit strategy, the more likely things will remain harmonious for Thanksgiving instead of the usual chaos you’ve come to expect. This particular step also insures that you and your family will leave the house for some fresh air unlike years past where the afternoon was spent yelling at the TV while the favored team lost the Cotton Bowl.  Now you’re ready for Step Three of Plan PP.

The final step is to bond with your family. Aside from enjoying the great outdoors while on the party bike, you and your family will spend several hours bonding. Together you’ll face such obstacles as “railroad tracks,” “steep driveways,” and the ever difficult task of executing a “RIGHT TURN.” While tackling such calorie-burning tasks, you might notice sudden changes in your family. Such changes have included: increased smiles, an unexpected abundance of laughter, and stronger family ties.  Everyone will find themselves having a great time together all while burning off Mom’s homemade pumpkin pie and cornbread stuffing.

So grab your favorite canned beer, boxed wine or other allowed beverage and hop on the Pedal Party. It’s time to take back your sanity and love the in-laws again.  Or even better, give Grandma and Grandpa their due time with the kids while you ride the beer bike, and let’s party!

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