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Midtown Houston Landmark
It’s official! Pedal Party has just completed its first month of tours in the Midtown District of Houston. This little hot spot in Houston is a great fit for those that like shorter distances between bars. Have you seen us yet? If not, here are some of the places we like to visit on the beer bike.

For anyone that’s pedaled the new route, you might already know about Little Woodrow’s Midtown located at the corner of Hadley and Bagby. This bar has a huge recently expanded outside patio area and friendly bar staff. Many of our guests like to gather up their party here for a quick drink before meeting up with their driver. One thing to note, if you do visit this bar prior to a party, leave your beer and wine in your car while you’re in the bar. Your 16-passenger bike will be by soon, and Little Woodrow’s has a nice selection of beers on tap.

Another popular place to sit and relax is Komodo’s Pub located at Baldwin and Pierce. This converted house has a full bar just inside the front door and jukebox to play all your barroom favorites. A collection of couches are distributed throughout the rest of the house for people to kick back and chat with friends. More of an outdoor person? Komodo’s also has a wraparound porch where you can sit in high-backed wicked chairs and people watch while you sip on your selected beverage.

Worried about getting hungry while you pedal? Check out Pub Fiction on the corner of Smith and Hadley for their awesome menu. Big burgers, scintillating salads, and skillet cookies are just a few of their great options. (We highly recommend the Pulled Pork Tacos by the way.) For those in the group still on the liquid diet, look to the specialty drinks menu for such yummy treats as a Barcardi Fiction or a Rootini.

Want to know about our other stops? Check out our route map for a full list of bars and restaurants we visit on the Pedal Party.  And for those lucky few that have already pedaled around Midtown, don’t forget to try out our Washington Avenue route. We’d love to show you our favorite bars on that route as well.

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After a year of solo fun on Washington Avenue, the Pedal Party bike finally got the sister she had always wanted. Now with twice the fun available to Houston, it was time to throw a party and christen the pedal-powered 16-passenger bikes. This past Saturday, 2000 Edwards Street was the place to be.

So what did all our adoring fans get to enjoy? Well, we’re glad you asked. Between the music being spun by Special K from 104 KRBE, the free rides on the PP, and the free beer from Saint Arnold Brewing Company and the Yard Sale Brewing Company, our fans were made to feel special. Thanks to Doggie Style Hot Dogsand Zilla Street Eats, no one went hungry while they hung out in our Secret Lair, better known as Pedal Party World Headquarters.

Of course, this christening party would not be complete without champagne, speeches, and the big name reveal.  Following a wonderful “thank you for coming out” speech from owner Gene Landry, he and partner Kelly Anderson christened the party bikes in honor of their grandmothers. We now present to you the “Ardis Belle” and the “Ina Marie;” may their tap never run dry and their riders never fatigue.

With names in place, we sent the beer bikes out on their first formal race. While the kids were out on their play date together, the rest of the crowd waited for the second most important announcement of the days: the names of the door prize winners. Congrats to our winners and many thanks to Liberty Station Bar and Sawyer Park Bar & Restaurant for donating gift certificates. And once again thank you to everyone that came to the Pedal Party Christening Event. We had a blast.

Miss the party? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or join our mailing list with the form on the right, to get all the juicy details for our next event.

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Washington Avenue DrinkerySuper-fun, laid back, easy going.  No, not the Pedal Party (but, yeah, us too,) we’re talking about this month’s featured stop, the Washington Avenue Drinkery!

This is one of the most un-pretentious places on the west end of Washington Ave with super-friendly staff, lots of space, a giant patio and great tunes.  You don’t have to be ‘on the list’ to get in and no one’s any better than anyone else once you’re inside.

Its a chock full of specials which vary from day-to-day (sometimes from hour-to-hour!) but, to show how much they love the Pedal Party, The Drinkery is sponsoring PP Specials this month JUST FOR US, including:

$3 Wells and Domestics
$4 Imports and Miller High Life Mimosas
$5 Calls and drop shots
$2 Kamikaze shots
$2 Lonestar

Miller High Life Mimosa?  $2 Kamikaze?  At these prices, you can’t afford to NOT do a Pedal Party to the Drinkery!

The Drinkery also has a full menu of (really good) pub food, so its a great mid-tour stop to carbo-load for the ride back.

This special is good through November, so make sure to tell your Captain that you want to stop there and get some good food, some cheap drinks and a great time!

The Washington Avenue Drinkery
4115 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007

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Flying SaucerThis is the first time we’re doing this here on the Pedal Party blog and I hope we’ll have enough good times to keep this type of post going, recently I’ve had such great experiences I wanted to start a shout out for bars that really rock. This week, rocking my socks off is the Flying Saucer, Houston.

Every time we stop at the Flying Saucer on the Downtown Houston route, the crew comes rolling out laughing and in a great mood…and for good reason, this place is the bomb!

First, and foremost, the Flying Saucer is the place if you like beer; LOTS of beer.  I counted on their menu and they have just shy of a gazillion beers listed.  (Ok, I didn’t count, but I’m pretty sure of that number.)  Personally, I’m a big fan of Lambic and am always doomed to drink something else when I’m out since NOBODY has it.  Flying Saucer not only has Lambic, but they have FIVE to choose from!  WOW!  Literally hundreds of beer choices from old favorites (Stella anyone?) to small mirobrews (the 512 IPA is as rare around here as a bald eagle…and just as patriotic!)  Close attention is paid to the proper service for each and every beer and the waitstaff is very helpful if you’re overwhelmed.

Speaking of the staff, the Flying Saucer, Houston staff are FANTASTIC.  Really knowledgeable and super-friendly, I’ve never had anything but superb service there.  Hell, I went in on a day off recently and even the doorman asked me where the Pedal Party was!

the Flying Saucer has food service and everything I’ve had there is good.  The pizza is very well priced and fairly hardy; the nachos (although more ‘quesadilla’ looking) are good as well.  One thing that I really appreciate about the menu is that there is no ‘Big Pile of Fried Stuff’ on it, unlike many other bars who serve food.

the Flying Saucer can get really crazy later in the night, so if you’re not into crowds, noise, frenetic energy or wild times, head over early and enjoy some quiet beers before turning in early.  If you’re serious about your party time, however, head over after 9:00 and see where everybody else in the city is hanging out!

I love it when Pedal Party groups want to stop in at the Flying Saucer.  I KNOW they’re going to have a great time and come back to the PP pumped up.  This, among the other reasons listed above, makes the Flying Saucer our very first FEATURED STOP OF THE WEEK!