Welcome November! With all these beautiful day ahead, more people will start to ask themselves the same question: “What should I drink while I ride on the Pedal Party?” Here’s a suggestion for your next trip around the block: Black Iguana Ready-to-Drink Wine Cocktails from Tomball, Texas.

What’s a wine cocktail? It’s a mixed drink that already has the alcohol added. Simply freeze the pouches overnight, and, “poof,” you are instantly A Number 1 Party Planner of the Year. The best part of these margaritas? They are 100% Pedal Party compatible as all Black Iguana drinks are made with wine.

Also, because of the wonderful pouch design, you can these beverages straight from the package. Think of them like adult versions of those Capri Suns you drank as a kid. For those that prefer a more ladylike appearance while cruising on the party bike, Black Iguanas can also be consumed using a straw (not included) thus keeping your lipstick beautiful, and you sense of class intact.

Another notable Black Iguana benefit is the flavor variety. Now you can cater to all 16 passengers’ tastes while on the bike bar by serving your riders Black Iguana in Peach, Mango, Strawberry, and the Traditional Lime flavor.

Equally handy is the fact they’re sold in grocery stores. Since liquor stores are closed on Sundays, this makes last minute planning for those party bike rides ever so convenient.  And speaking of last minute, these drinks are just as good over ice as they are when frozen.

See you and your Black Iguanas soon on your next ride on the Pedal Party.

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