Our Captain Nate the Great
Oct 07

Our Captain Nate the Great

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Meet Nate, one of our new hires and our resident family man. When we have questions about kids, Nate is our go-to man as he has both a young lady and rambunctious boy at home. His counterpart in this dynamic family unit is his lovely wife that paints amazing paintings as a hobby.

During his non-Pedal Party hours, Nate can be found at his full time job of being a custom framer for Complete Pictures in the Greenway Plaza area of Houston. While obviously not as glamorous as being a captain aboard the beer bike, Nate finds a rather Zen-like quality to enhancing the natural beauty of the paintings and photos that clients bring to him for his expert touch. Also before coming to us, he spent a few years dressing as a pirate and pushing swings at the Texas Renaissance Festival, a tiny little festival in Planterville, TX.

In the rare moments that Nate is still, he enjoys reading the Dark Elf series by R. A. Salvatore. We here at Pedal Party have also heard tales of Nate enjoying tabletop gaming, playing a little game that you might have heard of called Dungeons and Dragons. However, we might have gotten that confused with another of his favorite games, Apples to Apples.

So the next time you’re on our 16-passenger party bike with Nate, ask him about his kids. Ask him about his latest read. Ask him why the wheels on the “bike” go round and round all through the town. And also, if you had a great time, invite him to your after party. Once he’s done for the day, perhaps you could all kick back and order a round of Irish Car Bombs, his personal weakness on the beverage menu.

Curious to know more? Visit our Facebook page and check out some of the comments left by others about Nate and our other drivers.

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