Oct 13

Another Local Craft Brew?

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Recent beer buzz has reached Pedal Party headquarters about a new craft brewery in town.  And since beer is a popular beverage choice aboard the PP, we thought we’d give you the beer specs and details on where to find the new brew to enjoy.

Buffalo Brewery, now Houston’s 5th local craft brewery, is taking over. By now, many of your favorite bars and restaurants have had the honor to receive the new brew called ”1863″, a medium-bodied beer that goes well with sausage.  Places along our Washington Avenue route lucky enough to get in on the first beer drop include Liberty Station, Porch Swing Pub, and Beaver’s. Currently this beer is only on tap, but what better reason to stop and stretch your legs than to run in for a pint of the new kid on the block.

And speaking of blocks, the best part about this brewery is it’s located near the Washington corridor that we all know and love. Currently, however, they are not conducting brewery tours as this two man operation is still in launch mode. While visiting the Buff Brew home is certainly something to look forward, equally exciting is the knowledge that they may already have a second beer ready to add to their lineup. Still in production, the next beer might just be a perfect fit for our wine drinkers: a beer infused with hibiscus. Yum.

Meanwhile, the next time you ride the Pedal Party, be sure to keep an eye out for the 1863 tap pull, a pull designed to resemble the butt of Davy Crockett’s rifle.  And to all our party people, remember to mark your calendar for March for the proposed Grand Opening of  the brewery itself. To find out more about the Buffalo Brewery and its upcoming ventures, follow them on Twitter or check out their website to sign up for their email.

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