The Pedal Party, as we call it, is actually called The Fietscafe, and was invented in Amsterdam and each one is hand-made there and shipped over. They’ve been making the bikes and running this type of business over there since 2000. In 2007, two friends in Minnesota, Eric Olson and Al Boyce, saw these 16 person pedal powered bikes and decided it would be a great idea to bring them to America. They started PedalPub Twin Cities (our sister company) in Minneapolis in 2007 and are currently up to 10 bikes, each running almost constantly in the summer.

The idea for Pedal Party came from one of Pedal Party’s owners, Gene, who worked for PedalPub Twin Cities in the summer of 2009. PedalPub Twin Cities much like Pedal Party rents Fietscafe bikes out for tours around Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota. It was not long after starting driving for PedalPub that Gene imagined bringing the concept home to Texas with him. With the end of the PedalPub Twin Cities season coming to an end, Gene began talking with the owners of PedalPub to negotiate getting a Fietscafe bike from them. The PedalPub owners were excited to help us get started and soon a plan was made and our first Fietscafe bike was on its way to Houston, Texas, with our first bike, “Ardis Belle” arriving here in November of 2009.

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