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On Houston’s Washington Avenue, no bar does as much business or is home to as much fun as Sawyer Park.  Its casual atmosphere and super-fun vibe make Sawyer Park a great stop for pub crawling on the Pedal Party.

Physically, Sawyer Park is one of the larger clubs on the Washington Avenue route with both the main bar and deck downstairs and a knock-out, roof-top patio upstairs.  There are about a billion TV’s in this fun bar and one can watch pretty much any event in Football, Baseball, Soccer and every other sport at the same time!  They also have a private party room available if you need a space to watch the big game.

Sawyer Park’s staff is super-friendly and lends the place a very welcoming atmosphere.  The crowd is a sexy mix of people having a great time. Everyone in the house goes nuts for the Pedal Party and we’ve always had a great time there.

Sawyer Park has an array of offerings for your non-Pedal Party play time as well.  From Dodge Ball League to Gong Karaoke, there’s always something going on there.  Recently, the Pedal Party staff checked out Bada Bingo on Tuesday night to see what all the talk is about.  It was crazy with a smoking hot caller, excellent DJ and tons of free Jello shots!  The Bada Bingo crowd was really diverse and totally rocking.  You can win prizes including a $100 bar tab.  It was a great night…we’ll the parts we can remember anyway, did I mention the free Jello shots?

Sawyer Park has a full menu of good stuff (Bleu Cheese Burger FTW!) that’s definitely worth checking out, whether you pedaled there or not!

Sawyer Park Bar
2412 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007