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The Pedal Party, is a group-oriented rental amusement activity, similar to a Party Bus, that looks like a trolley you pedal. Unlike a Party Bus, though, the Pedal Party is entirely pedal-powered and is often called a Party Bike.

Based in Houston, Texas, our multi person bike holds up to 16 party goers, (that’s 15 seated and one standing in the middle as ‘Your Bartender’). Physically, its about the size of a cargo van and travels at average speeds of between 5 and 8 miles per hour. The Pedal Party is currently available for rent on Washington Ave., Midtown, Montrose and the White Oak area of the Heights.

The Pedal Party is rented on an hourly basis like any other party bus or other special event rental vehicles; How the rental time is spent is up to the renter. Generally the Pedal Party is used as a safe, fun way to do a pub crawl/bar crawl or progressive dinner, but does not, necessarily, require stopping during the rental period.

People often rent the Pedal Party for events such as Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Team Building events, corporate events, Birthday Parties, company parties, tailgating, cyclist group events, parades, conventions and more.

The Pedal Party being essentially a 16 person bike, is a very green and Eco friendly party alternative to a party bus and as an extra bonus you get exercise while you party. You can think of the Pedal Party as a Party Bike, Beer Bike, Bike Bar, Pedal Pub, Pedal Trolley, Group Bike, pedal bar or just plain fun.

Availability & Rates for the Pedal Party can be found on our reservation page. In the spring and fall, availability of our party bikes will become tighter, so remember to book early for your graduation party, bachelor/bachelorette party, anniversary or other special event.  Generally its good to make your reservations no less than two weeks in advance to assure you get the day and time you want.

You really have to see the Pedal Party in action to get an idea of how much fun the Pedal Party is, so check some videos on our video page.